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Mission Trip Scholarship Fund

Salem Baptist Association Mission Trip Scholarship Fund

Please read the guidelines and download the PDF form at the bottom of the page.


•  The Mission trip must be sponsored or approved by a Salem Baptist Association member church.

•  Scholarship participants  must be a member of a church in good standing with the Salem Baptist Association.

•  To be eligible for a missions scholarship, member church must be contributing to the Salem Baptist Association during the current fiscal year.

•  Scholarship applicants must be at least 10 years of age. Each applicant must fill out an individual form.

•  The scholarship form must be signed by one of the following people from the church requesting scholarship; pastor, treasurer, or church clerk.

•  Form(s) may be submitted prior to the mission trip and up to 30 days upon completion of the mission trip.  Scholarship applicants will be notified upon approval of the missions committee, however, no funds will be distributed until the mission trip has been completed.

•  Scholarship check(s) will be sent to the church treasurer or church mailing address; and the church will disperse funds as they determine.

 • Scholarship request must be approved by the Salem Baptist Association missions committee. The missions committee will report all approved scholarships to the Executive Committee at any regularly scheduled meeting.

•  Scholarships are available for up to 20% of the trip cost up to $300.00.  The trip can national or international.

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